National Identity Authority (NIA) is a government institution providing electronic identification to government portal users, and NIA ID is a method of identification based on a combination of name, password, and SMS passcode. NIA ID was previously termed as “user account”, “OTP” or “UPS”.


Registration via data box

If you already have a data box, to arrange an NIA ID online will be simpler for you. Just follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to your data box via the website
  2. Go to the section “Nastavení” (settings).
  3. Click on “Informace o schránce” (information about data box).
  4. Click on “Zřízení identity v Národním bodu” (register identity with Národní Bod).
  5. Click on “Přejít na zřízení identity v Národním bodu” (initiate registration with Národní Bod).
  6. Approve conveying the information from your data box.
  7. Select NIA ID and click on “Založit” (register).
  8. Follow the instructions – confirm the registration of a new device and identity.


Registration without data box

If you need to arrange NIA ID and you already use a different identification method, you can simply activate NIA ID on the website after logging in using your current identification method.

If you neither use a different identification method, nor have a data box, you will have to visit a Czech POINT in person. Your NIA ID will be activated there after you verify your identity with an ID (identity card or passport). You can submit a request for NIA ID registration on sight, nevertheless we would recommend you fill out the form online in advance to save time.

Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the registration form on the website .