How to log in via Identita občana

You can log in at Public Vaccination Portal or application Tečka via Identita občana (formerly, also known as Národní Bod or NIA).

“Národní bod” for identification and authentication (hereinafter NIA) is used for secure authentication of users when accessing online administration services in the Czech Republic, such as Public Vaccination portale-Tax portal and a number of others.

Authentication always occurs via one of the identification means. These means are connected to NIA and are administrated by certified providers.



Which identification means to choose? ↓
How to obtain and use an identification means? ↓
FAQ – Frequently asked questions on Identita občana and NIA ↓



Which identification means to choose?

To access online services, it is sufficient to choose just one of the available means. However, it may happen that a different one will suit you better even if you already have another one activated, either for a specific situation, or for different reasons which we cannot foresee. Therefore, please, consider all available options. 

  • If you already use identity authentication via one of the available identification means, it will be easier for you to use the same method for other online services as well.
  • If you use internet banking Česká Spořitelna, ČSOB, KB, MONETA or Air Bank, you can verify your identity through those.
  • If you have a data box, you can create NIA ID or eGovernment mobile key via website cz online.

If you cannot use any of the above options, you will have to arrange an entirely new means of identification. You can apply for it online, but in order to activate it you will have to visit a CzechPoint in person and provide an identity document (ID or passport).

  • If you own a smartphone, we recommend choosing eGovernment mobile key.
  • If you do not own a smartphone, but have a different mobile phone, NIA ID will be better for you.



How to obtain and use an identification means?

eObčanka newest ID card type being issued since 1.7. 2018 (with an activated chip)
NIA ID Identification means based on using the combination of the user’s name, password and one-time SMS code
eGovernment Mobile Key
Identification means allowing login via a mobile app
Bank identity (BankID)
bank identity from a bank providing the service to its clients for free
MojeID from NIC.CZ, interest association of legal entities
Chip card STARCOS (I.CA certificates)
from the company První Certifikační Autorita a.s.



FAQ – Frequently asked questions on Identita občana and NIA

I am not able to log in with a one-time SMS passcode. Is NIA suitable for me?

It most probably is if you have a PC or a mobile phone. When choosing a login method, proceed with the above-mentioned steps.


Is NIA also available for children and foreigners?

Login via NIA is established for the mentioned persons in ROB, including all minors and most foreigners with long-term or permanent residence in the Czech Republic. However, obtaining separate means is limited to the ages of 18+ or 15+.