How to use the application Tečka


The application Tečka allows you to scan, manage and present Digital COVID certificates on your mobile device.



How does the application Tečka work? ↓
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How does the application Tečka work?

You can load certificates for one or more persons (e.g., family members) to the application Tečka by gradually registering the persons at the Public Vaccination Portal (Očkovací portál občana) or by scanning the QR code from their certificates (on paper or in other forms). After the first login to the Public Vaccination Portal, the application will connect automatically. The application then automatically downloads certificate updates (e.g., the second vaccination dose, new test results, etc.) for the person logged into the portal.)
The application shows the list of persons and the list of loaded certificates for each of them, marking the certificates’ validity. The application assesses electronic signature and validity of the loaded certificates without Internet connection, using stored parameters alone.
The application displays the QR code and identification information of the holder for each certificate when it is necessary to present them to controllers. If necessary, it is also possible to view the details of the certificate, including information on the vaccine type or a taken test.
The application updates its parameters (validation regulations and signing certificates of EU countries) and the certificates for persons logged into the Vaccination Portal every time it is opened or at the request of the user.



Where do I get the application Tečka?

The application is available for mobile phones with iOS and Android operating systems:




The guide on the application Tečka

This is a step-by-step guide on how to use it.


1. Terms of use and privacy policy

First, you must agree to the terms of use and processing of personal information by clicking on the button I AGREE at the bottom of screen

You can find more information on the terms of use here:



2. Application security settings – PIN code

You will first need to set up the application security.

The first time you open the app, you will enter a PIN code which you will be using to log in.

To set a PIN code, you should enter it and then confirm by reentering it on the next screen.


3. Application security settings – fingerprint / Face recognition / FaceID

Users with smartphones that offer the function of verification via fingerprint or Face ID can set this type of authentication instead of PIN.

This option offers an easier and faster login, as you will no longer need to enter the PIN before using it.


To be able to use biometric login, this feature must be enabled and set up on your device.

The application takes over the phone settings:

  • Biometric login
  • Text size


4. The main screen

Click on the blue button ADD NEW PERSON or an icon “+” in the top bar to open possible options for loading certificates into the application.

Click on a yellow bar at the bottom of screen to open a field with information about the time of the latest application parameter update. Here, you can also download the updated version of the validation regulations by choosing PARAMETER UPDATE. The regulations are also downloaded automatically every 24 hours.

Click on the gear wheel in the top right corner to open settings menu which is described in detail in the next step.


5. Options

In the Settings menu, you can change the PIN code, and additionally activate, or turn off the Fingerprint or Face recognition.

You can also view a list of the devices you’re logged in and optionally remove some devices, and you can manage your mandates in the same way.

Furthermore, here you will find the instructions and terms of use.

Click on the icon in the phone CONTACT: 1221 to call covid support line and talk to an operator. This call is free.


6. Adding a person – options for loading a certificate

The application offers 3 options to load a certificate.

The first option allows you to use one of the identification means of to connect the application to the Vaccination Portal, from where it will load current certificates and it will automatically download all future updates as well.

The second option allows users to load the certificate via a one-time SMS passcode after logging in at the Vaccination Portal.

The last and perhaps easiest option – if you have certificate with a readable QR code on paper or in another format, you can scan it with the camera on your phone.


7. Adding a person –

If you want to load a certificate into the application from the Vaccination Portal using, you should have at least one of the identification means of activated.

You will find more about different identification means and how to obtain them here:


8. Adding a person – one-time SMS passcode

A one-time SMS passcode allows you to load the current certificate from the Public Vaccination Portal.

It can be obtained in two ways:

  1. after entering personal identification number and ID number,
  2. or mobile phone number, email, and date of birth.

You can find more information on how to log in at the Public Portal here


9. QR code scanning – allowing camera access

Before scanning a QR code, when you use the application Tečka for the first time, you should allow it access to your mobile phone camera.

This screen differs depending on a specific type of your device.


10. QR code scanning

Place the QR code of the certificate in the viewfinder indicated by a lighter colored frame in the center of the screen.

A QR code looks like this:

It is usually located in the top right corner.

You can scan printed paper certificates or their digital form from a screen of any other device.

You can cancel the process by clicking on the button CANCEL SCANNING. You will be returned to the main screen.


11. Viewing of loaded persons

After successfully downloading the information into the app, on the main screen you will see the overview of the persons whose certificates you have loaded.

The overview always shows an icon indicating the status of a certificate (green indicates a valid certificate and red – an invalid one), there are also the holder’s name and their date of birth.

Click on the name of the person in the overview to see the list of all certificates which you have loaded for this person.


12. Viewing of the certificates for a selected person

In the details on a selected person, you will find the overview of all loaded certificates.

The preview contains information on the type of certificate and its validity (including expiration period).

In case of vaccination certificate, you will also find here the vaccine type.

Click on any certificate to open its preview, including the QR code.

Click on the white icon of a trash bin in the top right corner to remove the person from the app, including all their certificates loaded to date.


13. Certificate preview

By clicking on the selected certificate, you can view a preview with the QR code, name and date of birth of the certificate holder.

This preview is appropriate for presentation during inspection.

ATTENTION, the same preview can be displayed for invalid certificates!

Information on the status and validity can be displayed by clicking on the certificate detail (see next step), or determined by the color resolution in the overview on the previous screen.

Click on the button DETAILS to see detailed information on the valid certificate.

Click on the white cross in the top left corner to return to the main screen.

Click on the question mark in the top right corner for the guide on the application Tečka.


14. Vaccination certificate – details on a certificate

You will see the following information on a valid certificate details screen:

  • name of the certificate holder
  • date of their birth
  • validity period of the certificate

In case of the vaccination certificate, you will see information on the vaccine type.

Click on the white arrow in the top left corner to return to the page with the results of the certificate’s verification.

Click on the question mark in the top right corner for the guide on the application Tečka.


15. Person’s device management – list of devices

To view the list of logged-in devices, click User Device Management on the Options screen.

Before viewing, identify yourself with one of the available options.


16. Person’s device management – removing a logged-in device

You can delete the selected device by dragging the appropriate row to the left and then clicking Delete.


17. Mandate management – list of mandates granted

To view the list of mandates that you have been granted, click Mandate management on the Options screen.

Before viewing, identify yourself with one of the available options.


18. Mandate management  – cancellation of the mandate

You can cancel the mandate by dragging the appropriate row to the left and then clicking the trash can icon.